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We’re one of the few family-owned farming-and-butcher operations in Ireland.

This allows us to control and maximise the quality and consistency of our beef and lamb as well as providing customers with full traceability of our products.

Our story goes back over 100 years when Tom Gilligan built the family farmhouse and started farming the land in Roscommon. Ever since then, we’ve been passionate about rearing beef, and in 1990, Tom’s grandson, Padraic Gilligan, opened our first farm shop in Roscommon. The shop had one simple idea – all of the meat was fresh from the family farm.

Producing quality beef is all about caring for your animals. We grow a range of crops on our family farm and work with a dietitian to ensure that our animals have the vitamins and minerals they need.

All of these components are the secret to our award winning, high-quality product.

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