Velvet Cloud Sheep’s Milk Yogurt | 450g Pot

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A 450g pot of fresh creamy grass fed Natural Velvet Cloud sheep’s milk yogurt.

Made on the Flangan’s family farm in Co Mayo, as fellow farmers from the West of Ireland the Flanagan and Gilligan families have been friends for years.  Velvet Cloud sheep’s milk yogurt has nothing added and nothing strained away, just fresh sheep’s milk and four live cultures.

Used by Ireland’s top chefs, this creamy mild tasting yogurt works in both sweet and savoury dishes, its ideal on its own, or as a dressing, to replace mayonnaise or creme fraiche, with curries, on the side, as a dip, or in smoothies.

Sheep’s milk has a higher nutritional profile than cow’s milk and suits many who feel they are sensitive to cow dairy.