10 oz Dry-Aged Hanger Steaks x 2

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This is the cut that butchers don't want you to know about as we usually keep it for ourselves! 

For this reason, it was traditionally called the "Butcher's Steak" but it has become a lot more popular recently as chefs quickly started to realise just how flavoursome, tender and inexpensive it is. The cut hangs between the beef rib and the loin (hence the name hanger steak) and has a rich, beefy, nutty flavour that's as tender as a fillet mignon in parts. There is only 1 hanger steak per animal so they're rare and hard to come by.

They come vacuum packed and will last in your fridge for up to 6 days unopened. While these steaks are suitable for home freezing, we think they taste much better fresh!

Each pack contains 2 x 9-10oz dry aged hanger steaks that have been expertly trimmed by our craft butchers with the strap removed.